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Looking for an affordable, beautiful, long-term rental? Many people are turning to casitas, to benefit from better rent, more privacy, and still have their own space. Say goodbye to roommates, crowds, and the noise of the city when you get your own separate unit, with our curated service that links up ideal renters like you with specialty landlords.

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About Us

Born out of necessity, CASITALVN was created when the rental market exploded and created a shortage of rentals, which drove the prices WAY up. Our tenants are business-savvy people who realize they need a balance between living in a great place, while still saving money to buy a home in the near future. Our renters are clever homeowners who build or source additional dwelling units to turn a big profit off properties they already own.

How It Works

Browse rentals by city, or your budget, then click around to find a place you like. If it’s still up on our site, it’s available! Rather than fill out an expensive rental application for every place you’re interested in, just take five minutes to fill out a profile for CASITALVN and you can apply directly to the space you’re interested in with one click.

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